McPartland Medical, LLC is a privately-held ophthalmic and medical technologies company operating in picturesque southern Oregon. Developed by Dr. Graham McPartland in 2004, Sharp VA has quickly become one of the leading Digital Acuity solutions on the market. Today, Sharp VA boasts more features than any acuity solution in the world. Sharp VA is the premiere digital acuity solution. Sharp VA (previously known as Sharp System) soon became the first application to incorporate both patient education simulations and ophthalmic testing into one—easy to use—software package. In 2010, Sharp VA greatly expanded its Patient Education Module by integrating with Ocuport Patient Education Systems.

Although a number of computerized eye charts exist, as far as we know Sharp VA is still the only to employ the technology of object oriented graphics! It is for this reason that the Sharp VA system has is regularly used in clinical and industry research. Additionally, Sharp VA is research validated (in multiple independent studies). Sharp VA has filed to patent this technology for the use of optotype presentation.

More About the Innovative Sharp VA Technology
You've probably seen a computer image that has been enlarged/changed size…it becomes pixilated; and thus, you probably should consider monitor quality & image quality if you're presenting something as important as optotypes. It seems silly to create optotypes out of images that can be distorted. The Sharp VA software is the only acuity software to employ "object-oriented graphics" (vector graphics) for each optotype. Vector graphics use geometrical primitives such as lines, points, and curves. Each optotype is based on geometrical calculations, so one can indefinitely zoom in on our optotypes and they remain crisp. The "sharpness" of the optotypes is limited only by the quality of the monitor (not by image file quality & monitor quality as in other acuity programs). When it comes to presenting optotypes, this is pretty important to us.