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Digital Visual Acuity Module
Clinical Data Module
Macular Function & Integrity Module
Color Vision Testing Module
Astigmatic Testing Module
Vision Therapy/Sports Vision Module
Patient Education Module
Low Vision Module
Miscellaneous Tests and Charts

Randomization of Optotypes
Snellen/Sloan Charts
Single Letter Isolation
Single Line Isolation
Multi-line Presentation (3 lines or 5 lines)
Vertical & Horizontal Line Presentation
Tumbling E's & Rolling C's
Contrast Sensitivity Testing
Red-Green Overlay
HOTV (with pointer)
Children Cartoons for Fixation
Pediatric Symbols (Pedi-o-TypesTM)
Number Charts
Speed Acuity Charts
Crowding Bars/Contour Interactions
Four Dot Test (red/blue & red/green)
Fixation Disparity Tests
Maddox Rod
Fixation Dot & Blackout Screens
Red Underline
Pseudo-Isochromatic Screen Saver
Mirror or Direct View Setup
Much, much more!

Originally created to aid functionality and increase accessibility of the many Sharp VA features, the Sharp VA PC remote control has been further designed for ergonomic comfort. Our Macintosh software package ships with a mini handheld keyboard remote. This remote features an embedded laser pointer, control of the mouse pointer, and is backlit for use in a darkened room!

With the release of version 4, you now have instant access to over 755 test charts, hundreds of drug facts, educational screens, clinical calculators, patient handouts, and so much more!

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